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About Me

Want To know about me?

  I am D. Bose, I am an affiliate marketer, blogger, and digital marketing freelancer by profession. 

This Website is my world. I am an investor, online shopper and product reviewer and I believe in work hard party harder along with crazy work schedule!!

What do I offer?

   As an experienced affiliate marketer and tech guy and also a digital marketing expert, I can help you to learn different techniques in affiliate promotion and digital marketing and also give you tips on digital marketing to promote your brand or the project through online platforms. If this is not enough I will time to time teach you on different skills to be successful in this hard and cruel world. 

Why this website?

  Well, this is a great question that may strike your mind."You and doing all those stuff that you mentioned above, then why this website again?"

         Yes, I am doing all these stuff as I mentioned above but I need more money so I created this website. Hehe!!! Jokes apart though true to a certain extent. See, this blog is all about knowledge sharing. I can share my knowledge and tricks with you and will accept some comments and request from you and solve those. So this is not all about my blog it is all like a community for tech freaks, where everybody is sharing knowledge. And another thing is that I wanted to be a blogger since I heard about it and I did research a lot on it and learned and now I have created this one. I like writing a lot and if I anybody ask you to do the work you like and earn with that, I guess you won't mind at all. My case is the same over here.

Anything else?

   You can always reach me at bose@infotfy.com with your questions and suggestions. You can also fill our contact us form to submit your suggestions.



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