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List Of Bulk Email Marketing Services - My Experience (Compared 2019)

      Today I am going to discuss bulk email marketing service providers and the best one as per my experience. So, let's move ahead.


       Finding an bulk email marketing service that satisfies your needs and prerequisites isn't that troublesome. Bulk email marketing services are for the most part the equivalent – features and price wise. Like free trials, wide array  of email layouts, email scheduling etc.

       Using their service you would be able to track your stats including open rate, click rate, openers detail stats, clickers detail stats, split test, manage unsubscribes, etc.

        But when it comes to choosing the best email service providers you have to be sure about your requirements. There are a lot of email service providers provide you benefits of sending a certain amount of emails for free every month. I strongly recommend you that do not use those free services as my personal experience says that using those services you are sharing your valuable database with other email marketers and at the end of the day you gonna lose your conversions.
  Here is the list of Best Email Service Providers as per my experience which I am have used from Feb. '18 to till today before settling to the best email marketing service provider. is the best and cheapest email marketing service for small businesses and email marketers. The reason behind I kept this at No.1 is after using most of the bulk email services I am using their service for the last month and I am 100% satisfied with their service. SenderLive application is quite user-friendly with ready-made email templates and easy to use. And the main thing as an Email Marketer what I always look for is the statistics, which covered by them. You can get campaign open and click statistics with GEO location details. The main feature is that you do not have to log in to your dashboard for statistics, you can get campaign statistics tics easily to your email id every time campaign finishes. That's a great feature.
Another thing as I mentioned earlier, SenderLive is the cheapest in the market, as their bulk email service plan starts from $1 only.

SenderLive Pricing

You can check pricing in their pricing page as well. Below I have provide screenshot of their pricing page screenshot as well.

SenderLive Features

1. Cheapest in the market Bulk Email Service Provider.
2. User Friendly interface.
3. Best and instant support.
4. Detail Reporting tool.
5. Do not suspend without notice (Like the case with mailchimp and sendgrid).
Note:: They do not provide any FREE TRIAL as other bulk email service providers. SenderLive used to provide Free Trial but they stopped due to high amount of user requests.

     SendInBlue is amazing email showcasing answers for those on a low spending plan since it accompanies a free arrangement (which is sadly marginally restricted).SendInBlue is another mass email showcasing stage. They were initially worked to send exchange based messages, however now they've consolidated the intensity of both email and SMS crusades into one of a kind stage.


Free plan: 300 emails per day
29 Euros 40,000 emails a month
49 Euros 60,000 emails per month

SendInBlue Features

                        1. Flexible Plans.
                        2. There is no money back guarantee.
                        3. User friendly Interface.
                        4. Good support.
                        5. Do not allow spamming.

3. MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the main email showcasing suppliers, with more than 1 billion messages sent multi day utilizing their administration.MailChimp is continually advancing. You'll discover new highlights spring up constantly. There's even internet based life joining as well. The format determination is acceptably estimated, and they're anything but difficult to tweak.

You'll additionally discover propelled email showcasing highlights accessible too, similar to contact sectioning, autoresponders, administration and application mixes, time-zone based sending, A/B testing and much more.


5,000 emails: $50 per month
10,000 emails: $75 per month
25,000 emails: $150 per month
52,000 emails: $250 per month
5,000 emails: $50 per month
10,000 emails: $75 per month

MailChimp Features

                 1. Great Support.
                 2. Free Plan for small websites.
                 3. 0% spam tolerance.
                 4. Suspend account without notice.
                 5. Costly Service.
                 6. Best Features.

My Suggestion :: I strongly recommend you to use

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