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Best Online Courses and Learning Resources

   “When the student is ready the teacher will  appear.”

 Learning is the start of a master in anything. On the off chance that you need to be Expert in any field and searching for good assets, at that point this post is just for you.

Look at, These free Resources for Online Courses and Learning:

Music and Art::

 Daveconservatoire : Created by Dave, a musician from London, UK. This is a free platform and till now 300 video music lessons and exercises are available on this platform.

Drawspace :: Launched in 2001 and created by developer Jeff Baur. This site is based on learning drawing techniques. There are both and free lessons available and lessons are interactive and instructor-led.

Justinguitar : This website is also started in 2001 by Justin Sandercoe.There are more than 850 free guitar lessons available which you can download and learn online or offline.

Science, Engineering, and Math::

Codecademy  : This website is mainly focused on software programming. There are both paid and FREE classes available.

Stanford  : Described as Stanford Engineering Everywhere or SEE, is a free platform for students. You can select from different subjects and lectures with video references.

Web Design and Development::  :: How design is in the market for the last 20 years and they provide practical knowledge to the students. You can find lessons on web design and development for paid and FREE of cost both way.

HTMLdog  :: This website is mainly focused on HTML , CSS and JAVASCRIPT teaching.This is a standout amongst the most essential sites for the understudies who are keen on learning web development.

Skillcrush  :: A platform for basic and advanced level web designers. One of the best in the market. They also offer paid and Free both classes and sometimes they offer 10 days boot camp for Free.


Udemy  :: One of the world's best online platform.Mostly a paid platform with a wide variety of online courses.

E-learningforkids  :: This offers courses for kids. As this site is for kids, you can assume subjects gonna be math, science, computer, environment, health, language, life skills, and others.

Memrise  :: This is like a language school. It provides courses like Spanish, French, Duch, Portuguese and many more. You can prepare for TOEFL from here as well.

Stackexchange  :: My favorite one and I are mostly regular users of it. Launched in 2010, StackExchange is basically a Q&A community for IT professionals or learners.

Schooltube  :: It was founded in 2007 and one of the largest video sharing platform for students on different study topics. They have registered the user at more than 70,000 schools.

Creativelive  :: This website is mainly focused on Art and design. They offer both free and paid classes.

Doityourself  :: One of my favorite website. This site teaches you how to create things for home improvements and tips for better clean and beautiful home.

 I have listed only a few here but there are lots of options available like Khan Academy, Cousera, Canvas Network, Open UW, Udacity, Mozilla Developer Network etc.


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