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Best Blogging Platforms for Beginners

Best Blogging Platforms for Beginners

For the learners, it is basic to search for the best blogging stages for profiting on the web and that is super simple to work with.

It's essential to pick the best blogging stages to accomplish a fruitful blog. Along these lines, you can pick the best web designers.

Notwithstanding, you have to see appropriately that the website builder you will pick must be fit for dealing with your necessities as your business develops and profit on the web.

In this way, it's crucial to select an adaptable stage with space for its progressing development. Being extremely wary while picking the best stage since it turns out to be difficult to change to an alternate one.

Best blogging platforms for beginners and professional bloggers.

1. Bloggers

      Blogger is a free blog-publishing service that allows us to create own blog without any prior knowledge of coding or website building. There is an interesting fact about the blogger. 

This platform was not a by born product of Google. It was initially developed by Pyra labs and in the year 2003, it was bought by Google.The blogs are hosted by Google and users are provided a subdomain to create and access their free blog. You can also use your custom domain (a purchased domain) by pointing your domain to google DNS server. But there is a limitation on how many blogs you can create per account and that is 100!!!. Can anyone suggest me who's got 100 blogs??? He must be a mad or a robot. The main thing is that it is easy to utilize and prominent also. It only requires you to open and sign in with your Gmail id and you can create your blog and run it. Blogger also enables the user to change themes from already installed themes (you just need to activate from your blogger dashboard) or you can get themes from external sources as well.

Pros and cons

  • Free to use and best for beginners.
  • No domain needed to create a blog (subdomain).
  • Simple to utilize and requires no specialized skills.
  • Available in 60 languages.
  • Dynamic view of templates used  AJAX, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • A user can use the mobile application to post or edit their blog.
  • A google stamp and security.

  • Not a lot advanced blogging tools available, but enough to start a blog.
  • Templates are very basic and with a few options only.
  • Account suspension: website violation google terms and services may be suspended. But if you created a blog with genuine purpose not spamming, then you should be fine.
  • Blog description is only 500 characters max supported.


This is one of the best blogging stages and outstanding amongst other blogging platforms to pick, that is utilized by a huge number of the bloggers including both beginners and experienced. 

Wordpress comes with two versions and The best feature of WordPress is a free and open-source content management system which is based on PHP and Mysql. And you have a lot of free and paid option available to customize your site based on your site niche and requirement.

Pros and cons

  • Very flexible allows creating blog according to your niche.
  • A vast range of templates for almost all the blog niches.
  • Free plug-ins to customize your blog.

  • If you host in your own server then it requires you to invest some amount for domain and hosting.
  • If you need an advanced feature you will have to pay for some plug-ins.

3. HubPages

Positioned second blogging stages. Hubpages are client created substance and income sharing site. These blogging stages enable you to distribute an article that is effectively adaptable as per client necessity on the site.

Along these lines, the client can start imparting income to a self-made content of hub pages. Adding Good Keyword produces helps to generate traffic towards the hub pages.

To begin client need to signup, make your hub pages and signup Adsense account ID and after that add it to hub pages. Keyword searching is a decent feature to generate traffic towards hub pages.

Pros and cons

  • This a free platform for bloggers.
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization friendly platform.
  • Very good customer support.

  • Too many ads.
  • Good for beginners but not a good option for advanced bloggers.

4.LinkedIn Pulse

   LinkedIn Pulse is a good choice for bloggers. As we all know about LinkedIn and this their latest feature and one of the best option for bloggers to learn while earning. 

It also helps bloggers to create a good and authentic reputation on the online market and then moves on further. Creating a blog on a social media platform provides an additional advantage of the ready-made audience.

Pros and cons

  • You can connect directly to the huge audience.
  • Very organized.
  • Easy to use even a newbie can understand features easily.

  • Focusing on the substance to your fundamental group of onlookers the, the LinkedIn pulse doesn't give legitimate advantages to the client.


Weebly is basically a hosting provider and website builder. It provides a free blogging platform with excellent easy to use templates (drag and drop feature). 

The user can choose from hundreds of templates and then customize it using drag and drop website builder, which is very easy for a new blogger.

Pros and cons

  • Very easy to use and no special skills required.
  • Many theme options to choose from.
  • Easy to use website builder.
  • Fast website performance.

  • Limited integration with the third party platforms.
  • Free version contains ads.
  • Site export is a bit difficult.


We characterized various best blogging platforms.Choosing the best blogging platfrom is basic to make a work-balance.

There are numerous other blogging platforms not talked about here can be utilized for blogging like Medium,Wix,Square space,Joomla,Live Journal,Tumblr, Edublogs, Contentful, Jekyll and many more.

I seek you found your best platform after blogging.I recommend you to use blogger to start with and gain some experience and after that you can move on to some paid platforms for better result.

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